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Land Grant Areas

In addition to the legally owned oases in their possession, the National Federation Pro Natura also manages another 31 protected areas for the purposes of safeguarding their environmental integrity and providing educational activities. Most of these land grant areas have been acquired in concession from Pro Natura Reggio Emilia. These oases have been the subject of an innovative pilot program for the last several years. Among the most important of these, is the area around Lake Calamone, with its ample glaciated lake basin, located inside Alto Appennino Reggiano regional park; also the peat bog of Lake Verde (Tosco-Emiliano Apennines), together with a several kilometer tract of wetland forest and riparian willows along the course of the Secchia riverbed (Emiliano Apennines).
Throughout all these areas are nature trails with descriptive signposts along the way, giving students and visitors the opportunity to fully understand and appreciate their natural beauty and environmental importance. Each itinerary has an accompanying brochure with trail maps.
Of particular interest are the following nature trails:
Monte Duro and Torrente Cristolo (within the city limits of Vezzano sul Crostolo), Gessi Triassici (within the city limits Castelnuovo ne Monti e Villaminozzi), “Laura Bertani” of Bergogno Votigno (within the city limits of Canossa and Campola), Pietra di Bismantova (within the city limits of Castelnovo ne Monti), Valle del Tassaro.

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