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Ugo Campagna Woods

The woods takes its name from outstanding man called Ugo Campagna who was not only the promoter of the Pro Natura Torino in the post-war period but also the founder of Pro Natura Italica.
The Board of Directors of the Turin federation decided to honour the memory of Ugo Campagna with an environmental reforestation project with the objective of recuperating a vast area which had been destroyed by fire in the municipality district of Coazze, Turin. A committee of members made it possible to acquire the necessary sum in order to cover the co-financing of the regional funds which were destined by law for the recovery of the areas destroyed by fire.
Thus it was possible to begin the progress of reforestation in an area in which, when completed, would cover the surface of almost 100 hectares and on which would be planted 10,000 ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior), 30,000 larch trees (Larix europaea), 7,000 silver fir (Abies alba), 4.000 maple trees, 1,000 oaks interposed with laburnum (Cytisus laburnum) and Rose ssp.

The area which covers the south side of the watershed which separates the Susa Valley from the Sangone Valley has been equipped with a fire-barrier strip and various nature trails with direction signposts.
Today the Bosco Campagna Woods has the aspect of true, authentic natural Alpine woods in which many numerous species of fauna have made their natural habitat. Wild life such as a timid deer, many various species of wild boar, the weasel, the hedgehog, the stone-marten, the dormouse and the squirrel can all be found in this area as well as the numerous species of birds among which are the presence of particularly significant birds of prey like the sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus) and the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus).Through these woods various itineraries of nature trails with descriptive  signposts have been specifically positioned allowing visitors to discover and appreciate the precious  naturalistic beauty and environmental  importance.
The National Federation Pro Natura, through Pro Natura Torino, manages the area based on a specific convention stipulated with the municipality concerned which, on its behalf, has set out specific restrictions concerning the protection and the preservation of the official environmental plan outline.

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