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In spite of their rather reduced dimensions, the oases of the National Federation Pro Natura, are an extremely rare testimony of the biodiversity of the Italian peninsula and are rather unsuitable to the tastes of the kind of tourism which seeks attraction from a zoo or a botanical garden. On the contrary, the oases are of great significance for the preservation of nature and its didactical aspects.

It is, therefore, not by chance that each of these oases have been named “Open-air Ecological Laboratory.” The system of the oasis laboratory of the National Federation Pro Natura is the result of the efforts of a generation of men and women who have struggled to protect and preserve the biodiversity through education, information and tangible intervention on the territory.

Our hope is that through the knowledge of the Federation, a forceful adhesion and a concrete commitment will continue to spread notably as well as efficaciously.


Lago Vicini

Il lago Vicini è un Centro di riqualificazione ambientale a scopo didattico e scientifico acquistato nel 2008 dalla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fano ed attualmente gestito dall'Associazione Naturalistica Argonauta, federata alla Federazione Nazionale Pro Natura.

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Oasi faunistica delle Grazie

La Federazione Nazionale Pro Natura nelle Marche si arricchisce di una nuova oasi, l’Oasi faunistica delle Grazie a pochi chilometri da Tolentino. Il nome dell’oasi prende origine dal toponimo della zona che deriva dalla  chiesa del 400 di Santa Maria delle Grazie.

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The peat-bog of Pian Del Re

The National Federation Pro Natura has succeeded in safeguarding the area of source springs of the Po River by founding an integral reserve on the site in 1993 which is now a part of the regional park of the Po.

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Ugo Campagna Woods

The woods takes its name from outstanding man called Ugo Campagna who was not only the promoter of the Pro Natura Torino in the post-war period but also the founder of Pro Natura Italica.

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The Urban Pond

This open air ecological laboratory, which includes ‘Stagno Urbani’ and “Lake Sorbini”, is situated on the left bank of the Metauro River, four kilometers from the river’s mouth, within the city limits of Fano (Pesaro Urbino).

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L'Agogna Morta

The Agogna Morta is a humid area which includes a crescent-shaped pond from which it takes its name and which is an abandoned meander of the Agogna torrent resulting in the aftermath of a hydraulic project on the riverbed undertaken in the 1950's. It is situated between Basso Novarese and Nicorvo in the provinces of Novara and Pavia respectively and it represents the last environment of its kind along the Piedmontese route of the Agogna torrent.

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The Springs of Valle Re

The initiative of safeguarding the environmental integrity of this precious ecosystem on the plains of the Emilia Romagna region began in 1986 through the enterprise of Pro Natura Val d’Enza.

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Mount Prinzera

This area extends for about 10 hectares on the west slope of Mount Prinzera at an altitude of about 540 to 724 metres in the municipalities of Terenzo and Fornovo, in the higher area of Val Sporzana (Parma).

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The Loja Marshland

In the immense extension of the rice-field of the Pavese and Novarese areas, a biological entity of extraordinary interest, has survived and been saved from the dangers of destruction which had struck the nearby area instead, precisely ,the springs of Rogge Guida and Raina. The latter areas, notwithstanding the destruction, still preserve a notable environmental value.

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Land Grant Areas

In addition to the legally owned oases in their possession, the National Federation Pro Natura also manages another 31 protected areas for the purposes of safeguarding their environmental integrity and providing educational activities. Most of these land grant areas have been acquired in concession from Pro Natura Reggio Emilia.

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